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March 31, 2011

Afghan War Hawks Strike Again

Editor’s Note: On the Afghan War, the hawks within the Obama administration have repeatedly outmaneuvered the doves, by limiting President Barack Obama’s options regarding troop levels and now by undermining peace prospects with the Taliban.

Just as it seemed those talks were advancing, Joe Lieberman, one of the Senate’s leading neoconservatives, was prepped with a question that elicited an acknowledgement on long-term U.S. war plans that was certain to infuriate the Taliban, as Gareth Porter reported for the Inter Press Service:

By Gareth Porter

The announcement by U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Michele Flournoy in congressional testimony that the United States would continue to carry out “counter-terrorism operations” from “joint bases” in Afghanistan well beyond 2014 signaled that President Barack Obama has given up the negotiating flexibility he would need to reach a peace agreement with the Taliban leadership.

Flournoy’s revelation on March 15 meant that the administration intends to maintain a long-term troop presence in Afghanistan regardless of any negotiated settlement with the Taliban, as a source familiar with internal deliberations on Afghanistan confirmed to IPS.

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